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I took 5 Platform Classes, 2 Master Classes, and 2 Workshops while at WPPI. I can honestly say I got the most out of yours. Content marketing is now at the top of my list to implement, and having understandable ways to deliver it is bound to make a big difference in my business. Thanks, Lawrence - your class was fantastic! And you are adorable.

My goal for you is to increase business, make easier sales, work less, build trust and never run out of ideas to write about.

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Here’s a Probable Reality
  • You already wear too many hats – CEO, artist, salesperson, bookkeeper, website IT, social media manager – all while trying to be a parent, partner … or simply having a life.
  • There simply isn’t enough time to produce valuable content on top of your creative work.
  • It’s getting harder to sale, especially with increased competition.
  • You don’t like to write, let alone know what to write about.
  • You are not sure if you are doing it correctly, such as …
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Posting your portfolio shoots qualifies you as a person who knows how to use a camera, but so do many other photographers. Learn to produce quality content that resonates with your readers, builds trust, encourages engagement, increases sharing and converts prospects into clients.
(even though this book is catered for photographers, it is applicable to all businesses that want to be successful)

testi big - evan worthington
Lawrence, I stopped pursuing photography as a business a long time ago - I've been pursuing soap making lately, so the only photography I do is for new product listing. That said, your content continues to be as relevant (if not more so) to what I do as it was when I first launched my photography site. Thanks for providing consistent, valuable, and relevant content, and keep up the good work! Evan Worthington Craftsman Soap Co.

  • Know what your clients are thinking
  • Never run out of ideas to write about
  • Always have engaging topics
  • Tweak your titles for maximum open rates
  • Refine your content for better search engine rankings
  • Increase sharing of your posts on social media
  • Generate leads through relationship building
  • Acquire new and retain existing customers
  • Evangelize your personal cheer team to sing your praises

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You have to create content not only
worth reading, but also worth sharing
… and easily findable (SEO).

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* Quarterly checks (March, June, September, December) are not the same as consultations. Lawrence will make references and notes, not actual implementation for you. However, you will have both books to follow along. ** Where will you get powerful links to your site? Competitors? Probably not. Members agree to Terms and Conditions.
1 and 2 are similar in that they require sharing. 3 (search engine optimization) is unique because it doesn't matter if you have a small or big network, it matches the searcher with the exact content.
Do More. Work Less.
Just for a handful of people, I will offer quarterly SEO and content strategy checks.* Plus, I will personally help your SEO efforts with powerful links to your site to ensure that you rank above others.**

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TRUST - 232 Pages
  • Goals of Content Strategy
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Types of Good Content
  • Content Delivery Platforms
  • Relationship Creation
  • Methods of Delivery
  • Successful Blogging Practices
  • Content Optimization
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Audiobook Sample
Chapter 1
Over 4 hours of listening pleasure :)
Good for lulling you to sleep.

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trust book
trust audiobook
seo e-book

testi big - ling harris
Been trying things from your TRUST e-book since December (two months) and my website has more hits than it ever had and my bookings have sky rocketed! Lawrence’s thoughtful, relevant and easy-to-read advice on content creation and blogging has dramatically shaped my business. With the exception of my photos, I never felt I had anything good or clever to blog or share on social media until he opened my eyes to new possibilities with the Trust e-book. Using his strategies, I’m no longer just booking portrait sessions one month out, I’m now booked months in advance. I can’t recommend the book enough to every photographer, seasoned or new to the industry. Thank you, Lawrence!!!

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I LOVED IT OH SO MUCH! The strategies covered in TRUST are not quick fix answers; these strategies sow the seeds for reaping rewards for years and years. Lawrence provided straightforward, easy to implement solutions that not only led me to 3 immediate bookings (when I was only half-way through the book...!), but more importantly, trust that was built with my audience that I know will translate into more bookings down the road. There's no fluff included in this comprehensive guide -- Lawrence gets straight to the point with takeaway actions that you can implement immediately. He also provides examples of how other companies have taken forward these strategies, and offers examples of how you, as a photographer (or any small business owner!) can integrate these tips into your business plan. The hottest tip Lawrence provided ... without giving away the secret to this tip, I will say that this tip alone is what led to my aforementioned 3 immediate bookings. Success! Lawrence challenges his readers to be share more personal, yet targeted, stories with their audience. After reading this 'challenge,' I included a personal write-up in my newsletter which drove a ton of traffic to my website, but more importantly, left me feeling so connected with my readers. An unexpected reward from taking that action is that I not only felt more connected to my readers, but I felt more authentic and connected in with my core values as a business owner. Instead of feeling 'salesy' I felt trustworthy, authentic, and like ME. I couldn't put this book down -- it was so engaging and fired me up to take my business to the next level. Virtual high five, Lawrence! P.S. Lawrence -- as per your [Rule #2 for Trust], I let clients know, at every chance, a core value of my business is giving back. By noting on the back of my pricing guide that "10% of all Em Grey Photography profits go towards Lemonade International's work in the slums of Guatemala City where Em and her husband love volunteering," I have had EVERY client mention this that has called to book a session with me since. Incredible.


trust book
trust audiobook
seo e-book

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Got Questions?
Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?
Yes. Just one click. Can Lawrence revoke my membership at anytime?
Yes. He only wants to work with serious businesses. When may I download the books?
Immediately after checkout. It'll come as a link via email. If you're signing up as a member, then we will mail it to you personally. How long will it take for my website to rank higher if I subscribe for an ad?
Search engines update their ranking about two times a year, but subscribers have seen dramatic results as early as a couple of months. How does payment work each month?
Subscriptions automatically debit your credit card on file every month from the moment you register. How many times may I download the book?
The link automatically expires after a number of clicks, so back it up. Can I still have Lawrence do a consultation to get me going in the right direction?
Yes. Please contact here for more details.
Can I discuss SEO and content marketing strategies with fellow Facebook Group members?
Yes. In fact, I encourage you to do so. Will you answer questions on Facebook if peers cannot do so?
Yes. I will always be monitoring. How many ad spaces can I buy?
Members are allowed up to four slots from four different websites right now. If you are interested in more, contact us here. Can I read the books on different devices?
Yes. I suggest that you save it to your Dropbox and open it on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Is there an affiliate program if I want to share your amazing products?
Yes. Click here. My question wasn't listed.
No problem. Email Sarah at

testi big - jessica elizabeth
For anyone looking for new insight, tips, strategies, and ideas on content creation, blogging, and social media, check out Lawrence Chan's latest e-book TRUST. It's an enjoyable read that inspired me to action in implementing new strategies in our business. After reading this book, I felt empowered to breathe new life into our blog and social media by creating carefully crafted content to connect with new clients and re-connect with old ones in a powerful and meaningful way. Thank you Lawrence for this valuable resource!


trust book
trust audiobook
seo e-book

testi big - april morganroth
Quite possibly the BEST presentation I've had so far at WPPI! Thank you so much for the book! It's AWESOME! Thank you for all of the wonderful advice. I am working on implementing it as we speak! You are a wonderful inspiration!

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Lastly, I know that there might be a lot of overwhelming ideas to absorb. However, I assure you that I broke everything down into digestible and meaningful segments specifically catered to growing your business. Of course, if you want that extra boost, you could always join via membership.
cat pizza Don't feel overwhelmed. (via meme on Facebook)

* Quarterly checks (March, June, September, December) are not the same as consultations. Lawrence will make references and notes, not actual implementation for you. However, you will have both books to follow along.
** Where will you get powerful links to your site? Competitors? Probably not. Members agree to Terms and Conditions.

there is nothing more important than trust

Yours sincerely,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. This is one of the perks of being self-employed :) Pajama party 24/7.

self employed

Lawrence is a marketing strategist, author, international speaker, carb eater and traveler. Newsletter | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
  1. Stacey Reply

    I totally think you should give an advance copy away early! I need something great to read during this fabulous fun snow storm…

    Can’t wait!

    • Lawrence Reply

      Worth the wait, Stacey :) Plus, I need to finalize some items.

  2. Gabriel Mora Reply

    Can’t wait to read and apply these concepts… Considering the amazing results I experienced from your previous books / advices have no doubt this time will be epic…

  3. Gabriel Mora Reply

    My worst challenge is to create a truly memorable brand…

  4. Rachel Reply

    My biggest challenge is coming up with things to write about. Do people really want to read about my life randomness?

  5. Amber Reply

    One of the challenges most difficult for me is how to get people excited enough to not only read our content regularly, but also to share us and our information with others.

  6. Aric Becker Reply

    I just moved to Maui, and feeling like I am starting my business all over. I am hoping this will give my brand the start and keep me competitive in my new market.

  7. Sarah S Reply

    I really struggle with making my blog dynamic and interesting, and not just a show and tell that sounds the same with every session. Can’t wait to get your book and start implementing new strategies!

  8. Keren Reply

    I always have a hard time coming up with blog posts that aren’t about my sessions! Can’t wait to get my hands on these books :)

  9. Lauren Ridge Reply

    My biggest challenge is figuring out this SEO thing so that I can rank on the first page of Google search – I am in a very narrow market of birth photography.

  10. Leanne Reply

    I struggle with creating content that captures my target market to click on my links and engage them enough to spend some looking at what I have to offer. I also struggle deciding on calls to action that are effective. Please Lawrence share your knowledge awesomeness with me!!!!

  11. Rachel Reply

    I want to learn to trust that putting ME and my quirks into what I share and write about will truly elevate my business thusly making me so memorable people eagerly seek my posts out for the latest, rather than wait for when I publish (or forget me).

  12. Denise Conrad Reply

    I just signed up! Stoked to get started!

  13. Andrea Murphy Reply

    I’m concerned that since my target audience is brides, they’re not interested in my life of being a mother. I’m worried they won’t relate to personal blogs. Hoping the book will give me some insight.

  14. Tara Reply

    I struggle relating to my clients on a more personal level. I’m a wedding and baby photographer that isn’t married and doesn’t have babies. Plus I’ve always been shy and like my privacy, though I am learning to open up a bit more. I’d like to learn how to better engage my target market.

  15. Janet Kwan Reply

    My biggest struggle is remembering to stay true to who I am and to stay far far away from the latest trends in photography. At the same time, looking for inspiration so my work can stay fresh.

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  17. Christine b Reply

    I am struggle with creating a brand that is memorable and honest…truth is I feel like I am a pretty boring person, ha ha!! Not sure there is any way around that.

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