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... to your audience and learn what they love, hate and couldn’t care less about.


... content that resonates with your market and supports your niche position.


... your fans, friends and casual readers into clients and advocates.


... your brand with passionate followers who’ll spread the good news of your work.

Do What You Love

You keep honing your creative craft. I'll teach you how to market smarter. Subscribe for free fortune cookies for your brain.

My Commitment

  • Marketing

    One of my goals is to challenge to think beyond conventional vehicles. My blog focuses a lot of behavioral economics, which dissects the psychology behind consumer behavior. All in all, I will help you become more marketable :)
  • Inspiration

    We live in a murky world. There are lots of naysayers and trolls. I promise you won't find any of that here. In fact, I share quotes I find that inspire me to be a better person. And hopefully you will feel the same.
  • Food and Travel

    Two of my favorite activities are traveling and eating. Sometimes, I do both at the same time. You'll need to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for a glimpse into my personal life.


  • I took 5 Platform Classes, 2 Master Classes, and 2 Workshops while at WPPI. I can honestly say I got the most out of yours.

    Content marketing is now at the top of my list to implement, and having understandable ways to deliver it is bound to make a big difference in my business. Thanks Lawrence - your class was fantastic! And you are adorable.
    Jen Swedhin
  • Lawrence Chan is always a provider of incredibly helpful content. He simplifies and puts things into useful terms that you can immediately use. Love, love, love his blog. And his Creative Pricing and Packaging e-book is a MUST HAVE!
    Michelle Lawlor
  • I absolutely love your Social Media Marketing book. Written like an MBA, but with humor.
    Kim Ortiz
  • WOW is all I can say! Since your SEO seminar last Monday in San Francisco, I have gotten 8 inquiries! I’ve only optimized a handful of my blog from this year!!! I can’t wait to optimize the rest of it! Thank you for making search engine optimization simple and easy to understand. You rock!!
    Tiffany Fosnight

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